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    • Home of Japanese Classic Cars

      We can locate cars for you in US and Japan. As far as shipping overseas, we are the expert with over 18 years in business. Our service facility has A.S. E. Certified tech and Japanese tech certified by Nissan. We can perform from regular service to a full restoration for you!...

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    • Affordable 240Z JDM/Euro Tail lamps are now available at $449!

      These are more affordable for those who love JDM/Euro type tail lamps. It has more modern finish to it: Refectors inside back up lamp area, and sparking finish lenses. *Comes with nuts, bolts, light bulbls, and sheet type gaskets. *Note that the harness is for Japanese Domestic models.     If you would...

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    • Trip to Japan!

       Photos were taken at Shibuya Station before Typhoon 19th hit main island! We just spent another week visiting Nissan parts suppliers and car dealers in mid October! Great culture and great food!   We can locate, import, and export any cars of your choice. Please contact us by email at support@jdm-car-parts.com  ...

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    • Now taking order for 1977-78 Datsun 280Z Door panels Limited production

      Many 280Z owners have been waiting for these door panels for 1977-78 Datsun 280Z cars. *1974-76 cars have similar door panels as these, but different size and shape.   These are direct replacement of your door panels. $995 Fee shipping for US main island. $199 for most international shipping

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