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      • Magnificent 510 by Thunder Hirano unveiled!

        "Thunder " Akio Hirano, one of the best photographer in automotive industry in Japan unveiled his magnificent 510 at Nostalgic 2 day! He is very popular here in US as he comes for Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, CA, as well as other car Events.    

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      • Trip to Japan Feb to March 2015

        During the month of February and March, it is snowy cold in Japan! Thanks to winter gear from REI!   At the airport, all the taxi cabs are lined up according to the direction you wish to go. No yelling and screaming like LAX. There is no bulletproof glass-divider in...

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      • Datsun 240Z Restoration log 2004-2009

        This link is a restoration log from 2004-2009 http://motor.geocities.jp/atakausa/index.html    

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      • Smoke tail lamp set for Datsun 240 arrived!

        This is JDM custom smoke tail lamp set for Datsun 240Z cars. It comes with gasket, light bulbs, and hardware. It wires up as JDM/Euro tail lamps $438/free shipping for US main island.

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    About us

    Thank you for visiting JDM-CAR-PARTS.COM

    Founded in 2000, we have been helping thousands of Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, Nissan Skyline owners and other vintage JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) lovers around the world restore their cars back to the original shape. We also cater to customers' needs, including maintaining a daily driver and building an all out show car.

    We have great selection of new, used, restored and reproduced Datsun as well as other auto parts in our warehouse and full service facility in Torrance, California. For technical assistance, please contact us via email (support@jdm-car-parts.com).


    We can locate cars for you in US and Japan. As far as shipping overseas, we are the expert with over 18 years in business.

    Our service facility has A. S. E. Certified techs and Japanese techs certified by Nissan.

    We can perform from regular service to a full restoration work for you!

    Contact us at support@jdm-car-parts.com for appointment.


    Attention international customers:

    Delivery fee varies, depending on the destination country, weight of the order, and shipping methods. Therefore, we strongly urge you to contact us prior to making a purchase. You will receive a confirmation email from us, containing the final price (item price and shipping fees.) Please reply the email and accept the shipping fees and estimated delivery date.