Vintage Subaru Parts


Vintage Subaru parts

We have wide selection of vintage Subaru parts.

Subaru 360 series:

Sedan K111 (1958-1970)

Young SS (1968-70)

Van K163 (1966-1970 ) K64 (1970-1975)

Truck L153 (1966-1970) K55 (1970-1975) K71 (2/1973~ water cooled)

R2・R2 SS (1970-73) Air cooled  (1971- Water cooled was also introduced)

R2-L Air cooled (1971-73)

Rex 7/1972-3/1973 EK34 2 Stroke   (10/1973- EK21 4 Stroke engine was introduced)

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Also for faster service, please have year, make, model, production date, serial number or parts number, and photos of your car or parts.


Vintage Subaru Parts

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