Attention all customers,

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, several of our shipments have been experiencing delays. International orders have been affected the most.

Due to the frequency of these incidents, we are changing how we handle this issue. The following scenarios apply:

  • Order was placed at least a month ago but has not yet shipped
  • Tracking activity has not showed any movement for a long time

If the above applies to your order, then we are unable to verify whether the cause is a disruption in the postal service, a loss due to mishandling, or any other factor beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot assume responsibility in this situation for the time being. Therefore, we highly advise against filing a dispute at this time. If you suspect your package is lost, please contact us for assistance and we will submit a search request with our carrier service.

In addition, if your package is returned to us due to suspension of outgoing mail to your region, we will contact you regarding how to proceed with your order.

International customers, please consult this webpage to verify if your region is currently eligible for receiving mail from the United States. If not, then be aware that we cannot fulfill your order until the suspension is lifted.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Shipping Dept.