Mid 1960s’, before the first generation Fairlady Z, known as Datsun 240Z in United States, came out, Mr. Yoshihiko Matsuo and his design team already had concept cars for the next generation of Fairlady, known as Datsun Roadster in U.S.


Mr. Yutaka Katayama, president of Nissan USA at the time, gave a go for the production of the Z cars when he first met Mr. Matsuo at Nissan Design Center in Yokohama, Japan. 


Mr. Matsuo (right) and the sketch he drew in 1966


As designing progressed toward the production, design team came up with variation of this special sport car: GT racing version, Targa top, convertible, coupe with notch back, 2+2, and station wagon. However, only 2+2 version became production car 5 years after 240Z was introduced.

Mr. Matsuo and Jay Ataka having dinner in Los Angeles.


48 years later, Mr. Matsuo helped Jay Ataka, head of JDM Car Parts, to bring this special Z to reality. This car is about passion, history, and pursuing a beautiful automobile design. Mr. Matsuo will be at the presentation of this special Z car at Z Con 2014 in San Diego, CA in August 2014.


27th Annual International Car Convention