Speed Shop Kubo

We are the proud distributor of Speed Shop Kubo.

Founder Yasuo Kubo (1934 9/21~) started motorcycle racing along with his brothers (Toshio Kubo and Kazuo Kubo) and friends in mid 1950’s. They formed a team, “Johoku Riders” later became the fastest team in the country sponsored by Suzuki. They moved on to car racing later and established , “ Tomei Jidosha”. After resigning Tomei Jidosha, Yasuo Kubo was in charge of at Kojima Engineering, F2, and FJ1300 Class. During 1974-95 year, His FJ1300 team had 10 consecutive wins. The driver was Masahiro Haysemi, president of Hasemi Motor Sport. Yasuo Kubo opened up “Speed Shop Kubo” in 1975 and have been around. Toru Kubo, Yasuo’s second son, works with his father.

Toru Kubo (1969 2/18) Started off motocross with Johoku Riders at age 17 participating All Japan Motocross races. He switched to cart racing at age 21 and working for Team Sugaya. Later he joined his father’s shop, Speed Shop Kubo. He also worked as mechanic for race car driver Keisuke Suzuki. He became president of Johoku Riders since 2012.