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Company history

Founded in 2000, we have been helping thousands of Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, Nissan Skyline owners and many other vintage JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) lovers around the world restore their cars back to the original shape.

We take great pride in catering to each customer's needs. We share basic maintenance tips as well as a detailed information on how to build an all-out-show-car with customers.

A great selection of Datsun cars is also available. We have new, used, restored, and reproduced Datsuns. Please contact support@jdm-car-parts.com for any questions.

We can also locate cars for you in the US and Japan. We have been in the import/export business for over 20 years.

Our warehouse in Torrance, CA is equipped with full service facility. Our technicians are ASE certified and Nissan certified. 

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About our restoration specialist / chief engineer

Our restoration specialist and product engineer, Jay Ataka, is well known in the Japanese classic car industry in the US for his immaculate-built cars. His award winning show cars and unobtainable car parts that he engineers for classic Japanese cars are always well known for the highest quality. 


A.S.E. (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Auto Technician

N.A.A.A. (National Auto Auction Association) Certified Paint / Body / Frame Examiner

Former Chief car inspector at Auto Inspector, professional on site car inspection service / seminar / expert witness / accident analysis 

Former official Arbitrator / Examiner / Certifier for Auto Nation Southern California Region; performed car inspection for paint, body, frame, mechanical inspection, computer diagnosis, and test drove over 400 cars weekly, over 12000 cars annually. 


Awards and contributions 

2018 Special Recognition for Outstanding Workmanship 73 240Z (JCCS)

2017 Best of Show in Subaru 360 at JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show) 

2017 Best Rare Car in Subaru 360 at JCCS  (Japanese Classic Car Show) 

2017 Best in Class at Concourse d'elegance Huntington Beach

2017 Best Interior at Concourse d'elegance Huntington Beach

2014  National Z Convention Judged Show

         "Most awarded winner in 27 years of Z Con history winning 5 awards:

         Gold Cup, Best Exterior, Best Engine Bay, Best in Class, Best of Show

2014 Special exhibition of Phantom Z Sport Wagon at Z Con 2014 with 

         Yoshihiko Matsuo,  240Z Designer.

2014 Best Restoration and Display at JCCS ( Japanese Classic Car Show)

2011 2nd Place in Japanese Classic at Palos Verdes Concourse D'Elegance

2011 1st Place in Japanese Classic Car at Muckenthaler Concourse D'elegance 

2009 Best of Show at Z Car West Coast National

2009 Best of Show at Z Car West Coast National

2008 1st Place in 240Z at Empire Z Show

2008 2nd Place in Best Original at JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show)l

2007 1st Place in Stock 240Z at Z Car West Coast National

2007 1st Place in Stock 240Z at JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show)

2006 1st Place in Stock 240Z at JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show)

2006 2nd Place in Stock 240Z at Z Car West Coast National


Member of following organizations:

Z Project Tokyo

S30Z Car 

 Classic Z car Club