Racing Service Watanabe Products

We are the proud distributor of Racing Service Watanabe.

Racing Service Watanabe, widely known as RS Watanabe is a legendary wheel was founded in 1967 by Toshiyuki Watanabe.  

In his built-race cars, he had established a number of race track records in Formula, FL, FJ-1300, F-3, and FP-2000.

His shop started manufacturing magnesium wheels for race cars since 1972.  

RS Watanabe, Hayashi Racing, and Speedster became 3 allies in Japan.

RS Watanabe's signature 1 piece aluminum wheels are widely loved by vintage Japanese car lovers. 


In 1996, 2 piece construction magnesium wheel "RM8" passed VIA safety standard for the first time in Japan.


Today, utilizing their technology with magnesium, they manufacture other automotive parts, sporting products (Golf), and other areas.