During the month of February and March, it is snowy cold in Japan!

Thanks to winter gear from REI!


At the airport, all the taxi cabs are lined up according to the direction you wish to go. No yelling and screaming like LAX.

There is no bulletproof glass-divider in between driver and passenger.

Automatic rear left door opens and closes for your access.

Most taxi cabs run on propane gas. Very quite and smooth ride.

Streets are so small and narrow!

Take local highway "Daisankeihin" and drive to "Nostalgic 2 Days" in Yokohama!

Remember, passing lane is at far right.

"ETC" card system is a must-have device in Japan. You can drive right through toll stations without stopping.

 Almost Yokohama Bay area!

Yokohama Landmark!

DR30 "Seibu Keisatsu" look a like.........Cool !

Hokosuka flat-beded to the venue.

Kats's Z432 displayed right by the main entrance!


Mr. Watanabe of Rocky Auto just released "Toyota 2000GT Hybrid"!

This amazing car was reproduced with latest 3D scan technology based off an actual 2000GT.

So the dimension is very accurate and impossible to identify it from the real one. Mr. Watanabe is definitely the leader of Japanese classic world.

Nissan Skyline R32 based car, now 4WD GT-R version is offered!

 For products offered by Rocky Auto, please go to our product page under "Japanese Tuners"


Now, the latest and the coolest body kit by Mr. Inoue of Star Road!

Paint job and body work is work of an art!

Absolutely stunning! For Star Road product info, please visit our "Japanese Tuners" page.


Shops are showing off their cars!