NDC Metal Bearings for Toyota 3M (2000GT) Engine

NDC Metal Bearings for Toyota 3M (2000GT) Engine

$ 199.00

Product Information:

  • Part number: See below
  • Make/model:  Toyota 2000GT


  • NDC metal bearing sets
  • For Toyota 2000GT (3M engine)
    • All bearings are standard or undersize (including thrust surfaces)
    • Bearing types are sold separately and must be manually added to the cart
    • Sold in sets for 1 engine

    Main Bearing

    # Size (mm) $
    10-MS-1051GP-STD* STD 199
    10-MS-1051GP-025 0.25 169
    10-MS-1051GP-050 0.50 169

    *High-performance bearing (STD only)

    Thrust Bearing

    # Size (mm) $
    10-TW-1006A-STD STD 25
    10-TW-1006A-025 0.25 29
    10-TW-1006A-050 0.50 29

    Rod Bearing

    # Size (mm) $
    10-CB-171GP-STD* STD 120
    10-CB-171GP-025 0.25 85
    10-CB-171GP-050 0.50 85

    *High-performance bearing (STD only)

    Oil Pump Driveshaft

    # Size (mm) $
    10-DB-1171B-STD STD 29
    • Please check your application carefully before ordering
    • Made in Japan
    • 3-4 week delivery
    • Special order item - No return and no refund.

    Free shipping for US main island / Estimated rate for international shipping is $55

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